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Bosch RefinemySite mobile app

Bosch RefinemySite has made it possible for modern construction projects to implement Lean principles into their planning and execution with easier documentation, streamlined workflows, and a process of continuous improvement. The Bosch RefinemySite web-based platform has been supplemented by the accompanying mobile app: designed to make it easier than ever to optimize daily operations on and off the jobsite.

A construction worker on a jobsite holds a phone with the RefinemySite mobile app, which displays still unfinished day cards.

The mobile app offers the ability to assign day cards, check urgent tasks, upload documentation, and more. Essentially, everything a trade foreman needs on a day-to-day basis. With our easy-to-use app for construction project management, we are taking another step toward a world of seamless Lean-empowered jobsites.

The benefits of using the Bosch RefinemySite mobile app

The Bosch RefinemySite construction project app delivers the benefits of our cloud-based platform directly to the jobsite. Optimized to focus on immediate and upcoming tasks, the key benefits of the mobile application include the following:

  • Designed for the jobsite

    An app created to facilitate better planning and delivery on a daily basis. Inform your team members of updates in real time by changing the status of day cards and gain instant access to the most important information when you need it. The Bosch RefinemySite app helps you simplify daily operations – all from your mobile phone.
  • Created with ease of use in mind

    The best construction project management app needs to be straightforward to use. From day cards to one-touch photo uploading and reviewing, the user-friendly interface and intuitive functions allow for a simple, optimized workflow.
  • Accessible offline

    The construction site is often not the best place for a reliable internet connection. That’s why our construction project management app is designed to work with or without a signal. Document, review, and plan for the next day whenever you need to. Data is automatically synced with other users once coverage is available.
  • A construction app designed for foremen

    As construction sites become increasingly complex, so does the ability to supervise and coordinate effectively. Simplify the process with a construction app designed to meet the schedule demands of today’s trade contractor foreman. One-click status updates, and instant progress documentation – each feature helps foremen to create a leaner workflow.
  • Helps foster a Lean construction mindset

    Those already using Bosch RefinemySite know the benefits of a Lean mindset. The accompanying jobsite app is designed to foster the same values while encouraging widespread adoption of the software. Bosch RefinemySite offers everything needed to improve daily operations in a streamlined construction management application and promotes straightforward adoption, even for those unfamiliar with Lean principles.

Features and functionality of the Bosch RefinemySite mobile app

With a streamlined overview, intuitive interface, and powerful management options, the RefinemySite construction project management app was designed specifically to benefit onsite foremen. Here’s how:

Mobile app feature filter by task


Filter by task: Advanced filtering options make this the best scheduling and management app for contractors, foremen, and even superintendents working on complex workflows. See only the tasks you need for your work.

Project overview: The new dashboard has been redesigned to make Bosch RefinemySite one of the best apps for construction scheduling, task management, and daily logging on the market. Seamlessly switch between jobsites in the app with an overview of all construction projects. The dashboard is designed to better orient foremen working on multiple projects and keep all vital information in one place. Easy to access, simple to use, and keeps all the information you need at a glance.

The RefinemySite mobile app on two phones showing the project dashboard and the task overview list
The RefinemySite mobile app on two phones with a complete team view and a single team member view

Team member details: For better contractor project management, the app lists all team members involved, as well as important information such as their company and contact details – complete oversight in the palm of your hand.

Offline functionality in the RefinemySite mobile app


Offline capability: The most important information is saved and available for offline use. Any updates are automatically synced with other users when connectivity is restored.

Receive a notification when something changes: With so many moving pieces it’s all too easy to overlook certain tasks. Optimize a continual workflow with push notifications if a task is requiring further attention. Never miss an update again.

The RefinemySite mobile app showing a push notification

Upload documentation: Our mobile app allows any team member to upload live progress documentation. Photos and comments all make collaboration between stakeholders easier.

Planning and documentation

The RefinemySite mobile app on three phones showing how to create day cards

Create and process tasks and day cards: All you need is a title, timeframe, and team member to create and assign a task. Day cards can be created by each individual within the team. Ensure every stakeholder knows their role and responsibilities for the day.

Add notes and change task status: Mark tasks as finished, assign new day cards for tomorrow, or add notes to explain why a job was not completed – all from your smartphone. With the Bosch RefinemySite construction project management app, there is no need to return to the office to update progress.

The RefinemySite mobile app with an open task
The RefinemySite mobile app with two custom topics with attached images

Create custom topics: Let your team know what you need from them. From missing documentation to problem resolution and third-party contacts, the app makes it easy to stay on top of tasks by having all important information in one place.

Contractors can upload urgent tasks: Stay in the loop by giving contractors the ability to forward urgent tasks. They can upload a topic name, photo, and critical status to the app and the foreman will be immediately notified.

Where to get the app

The Bosch RefinemySite app is available for iPhone and Android smartphones. It is designed to enhance the experience of those already using the Bosch RefinemySite platform by facilitating easy access to the most important features used day-to-day by foremen.

Ultimately, the Bosch RefinemySite construction project management app is designed to streamline the implementation of ever improving Lean principles in your construction projects. See the difference that empowered collaboration makes.

Download the latest version from the Apple App or Google Play Store!