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Bosch RefinemySite

Seamless collaboration for smoother, more profitable projects


Your digital power tool

Bosch RefinemySite is a cloud-based construction collaboration platform that applies Lean principles to enable your entire team — from owners to trade contractors — to plan accurately, communicate clearly, and execute work efficiently.

  • Frictionless communication and collaboration
  • Full transparency for all stakeholders
  • Real-time updates and notifications
  • Automatic tracking and calculation of KPIs
  • Advance visibility into potential project risk

Give your team what they need

Collaborative planning

Collaborative planning

  • Create tasks and prioritize what’s important for your jobsite
  • Export calendars and roadmaps
  • Coordinate with project stakeholders
The animation shows a foreman on the construction site. The supervisor reports a problem to the site manager. The error message is discussed in the trailer.

Real-time documentation

  • Access all features with our web-based scheduling software
  • Enable collaboration and documentation with our mobile app
  • Upload photos, notes, and get notified of schedule changes
The animation shows how RefinemySite enables KPI tracking. Project participants discuss the KPIs in the construction container.

KPI tracking

  • Measure progress and performance
  • Analyze data to identify shortfalls and optimize efficiency
  • Use past project data to confidently project into the future
RefinemySite App

Constant connection via the app

  • Process tasks and create day cards
  • Stay informed about updates and urgent issues
  • Make offline updates that sync when connectivity restores

Build on our foundation

1,900+ companies using RefinemySite

99.99% software platform availability

10+ countries with active RefinemySite projects

Field tested and approved

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